About ExpatMortgage

Who we are

ExpatMortgage is an association of mortgage brokers and financial advisors with long-term experience in the market of financial products. We provide mortgage and financial advisory and brokerage to both corporate and retail clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a special focus on foreigners & expatriots.

Our mission

Our mission is to arrange for our clients the most advantageous mortgage and financial solutions at the best conditions attainable in the market while relieving our clients of the related administrative burden.

We aim to efficiently solve a relatively demanding and time-consuming process of mortgage arrangements, minimize the related costs, and save time of our customers.


We seek and arrange for the most advantageous mortgage loans and other financial products tailor-made for our customers.

The services offered by ExpatMortgage cover arrangement of new mortgage loans for funding purchase of real estate, as well as mortgage refinancing solutions. At interest period rollovers, many banks often propose to their existing clients significantly worse conditions than those available in the market for new clients and provide very short time for refinancing or negotiations. We offer our clients consultancy and arrangement of refinancing by another bank at the best conditions available in the market and in the shortest time possible.

We cooperate with majority of banks and building saving societies operating in the market. However, being independent of any particular provider enables us to always put our clients first and find the best solution for them. We also continuously monitor changes in the credit screening criteria of respective banks and building saving societies to be able to assess feasibility of particular requests of our customers and to come up with a tailor-made solution. Our brokers are in a continuous contact with banks and financial institutions, which gives us an up-to-date overview of conditions available in the market at all times.

The full-service approach to our clients includes a proposal of the most suitable solutions, negotiations with the financing institutions, relevant authorities and appraisers, a full coverage of the administrative formalities and results in the mortgage drawdown or obtaining other requested financial product.

Our clients appreciate that our services are offered FREE OF CHARGE to them. We are compensated by a commission from the mortgage bank (or provider of other product). Only very specific and complicated cases may by subject to special charges, which are however always properly pre-agreed with the client.


The association ExpatMortgage requires high ethical and professional standard of the associated member brokers. Our credo is that only top professionals are able to provide you with the most suitable and advantageous solution tailor-made to match your particular needs.

Our brokers have a long-term experience in banking and financial services industry and operate daily in the financial market. As a result, they have the necessary background and experience, up-to-date overview of the market, as well as established relationships with particular banks and financial institutions.

Quality of service

We cooperate only with brokers satisfying our demanding criteria on their knowledge, experience, personal and ethical profile, and professional track record. This approach combined with individual approach to our customers gives us the advantage over large broker network companies. Being organized as an association of independent brokers, we do not need to finance costly administration and are able to focus on quality for our clients instead of quantity. It also brings the benefits of specialization, as each of our individual brokers is focused on particular products. Thanks to this we are able to offer a very detailed knowledge of the whole financial products market including the specifics needed for tailor-made solutions to complicated cases.

Our presence

With our activities, we cover the whole Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Czech Republic and Slovak Republic

We are multilingual

Besides Czech and Slovak, we are able to serve our clients in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian

Reasons to arrange your mortgage with us

  • THE LOWEST RATE AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET – Since we cooperate with all banks in the market, we are able to identify the most advantageous mortgage solution for the particular case available at the moment. Due to a sizeable volume of loans arranged by us with the banks, we have a good position to negotiate much better rate and conditions with the bank than individual customers negotiating independently.
  • HIGHER PROBABILITY OF QUALIFYING FOR THE REQUESTED MORTGAGE - We have extensive experience in negotiations with banks. We also continuously monitor changes in the credit screening criteria of respective banks and building saving societies to be able to assess feasibility of particular requests of our customers and to come up with an acceptable tailor-made solution. By that, we are able to significantly increase the probability of getting the mortgage or to achieve the requested amount.
  • SPECIAL CASES / EXPRESS SERVICE – Our brokers, thanks to their product specialization and experience, are successful in solving non-standard cases such us mortgage for entrepreneurs, applicants with low declarable income, with records in the debtors register, 100% mortgages, refinancing, debts consolidation, loans from building society savings. We are also able to arrange for the required (re)financing in express time.
  • FULL SERVICE – For our customers, we take care and arrange for all administrative formalities and cover the whole mortgage process including appraisals, cadastral office filing, negotiations with banks and (if needed) establishment of a special purpose company (limited-liability company) to acquire the real-estate. We always prepare calculations of various options, so that our customers can choose depending on their preferences.
  • FAST & FLEXIBLE SERVICE AND COMFORT – Our broker can visit you at your office or home or you can meet us in our offices. We offer flexible meeting hours and are open for communication via email or telephone, based on you preference. Due to our experience, standardized process and our full focus on your case, you will significantly speed up the whole process.
  • QUALITY AND PROFESSIONAL APPROACH - You will be serviced by a professional and experienced broker with a long track record of successful cases. His/ her goal is to assist you to obtain the mortgage successfully and in shortest possible time.

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