How much you save

How much you can save with us?

As standard offer to retail clients, banks routinely offer interest rates higher by on average 0,9% (sometimes even more) than are the individual rates achievable by mortgage brokers for the particular client. This difference has grounds in reduced marketing and administrative requirements for the bank (the broker brings the client and effectively does the paperwork) and „bulk discounts“ for the brokers, who bring sizeable volumes of business to the bank. The interest rate difference is usually the case both with new loans and even more with existing mortgages (in case of the re-set rate offered by the bank at the end of interest period).

Example of interest rate difference

Should your mortgage bear a rate of e.g. 6% instead of e.g. 5,1% , the impact on your budget on a CZK 2 milion mortgage payable in 25 years would be:

  • Monthly installments higher by CZK 1 077 (CZK 12 930 annually )
  • You would pay by CZK 89 000 more on interest in the following 5 years.

Other benefits

On top of the best interest rate available, we are able to arrange for other savings and benefits for our customers:

  • Lower or fully waived fees charged by the bank. Banks usually charge fees for the loan arrangement. The fee ranges from CZK 0 to 30 000. We are able to minimize these fees or even achieve waiver of the fee by the bank.
  • We save your time. We arrange for all formalities and documents preparation as well as real-estate appraisals and filing with the Cadastral office. Our broker can visit you at your office or home or you can meet us in our offices. We are able to efficiently communicate with you vie email or on telephone as per you preference.
  • No worries. Thanks to our long-term experience and know-how in the mortgage business, you can be sure that any issue which may arise in the process will be solved promptly and in a professional way.
  • Our services are free of charge – we are compensated by the mortgage bank

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