Why to choose us

Reasons to arrange your mortgage with ExpatMortgage:

  • THE LOWEST RATE AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET – Since we cooperate with all banks in the market, we are able to identify the most advantageous mortgage solution for the particular case available at the moment. Due to a sizeable volume of loans arranged by us with the banks, we have a good position to negotiate much better rate and conditions with the bank than individual customers negotiating independently.
  • HIGHER PROBABILITY OF QUALIFYING FOR THE REQUESTED MORTGAGE - We have extensive experience in negotiations with banks. We also continuously monitor changes in the credit screening criteria of respective banks and building saving societies to be able to assess feasibility of particular requests of our customers and to come up with an acceptable tailor-made solution. By that, we are able to significantly increase the probability of getting the mortgage or to achieve the requested amount.
  • SPECIAL CASES / EXPRESS SERVICE – Our brokers, thanks to their product specialization and experience, are successful in solving non-standard cases such us mortgage for entrepreneurs, applicants with low declarable income, with records in the debtors register, 100% mortgages, refinancing, debts consolidation, loans from building society savings. We are also able to arrange for the required (re)financing in express time.
  • FULL SERVICE – For our customers, we take care and arrange for all administrative formalities and cover the whole mortgage process including appraisals, cadastral office filing, negotiations with banks and (if needed) establishment of a special purpose company (limited-liability company) to acquire the real-estate. We always prepare calculations of various options, so that our customers can choose depending on their preferences.
  • FAST & FLEXIBLE SERVICE AND COMFORT – Our broker can visit you at your office or home or you can meet us in our offices. We offer flexible meeting hours and are open for communication via email or telephone, based on you preference. Due to our experience, standardized process and our full focus on your case, you will significantly speed up the whole process.
  • QUALITY AND PROFESSIONAL APPROACH - You will be serviced by a professional and experienced broker with a long track record of successful cases. His/ her goal is to assist you to obtain the mortgage successfully and in shortest possible time.

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